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G4 Side-Pin LED Bulb

These side-pin G4 LED bulbs easily replace power-hungry 10W or 20W halogen bulbs on your boat or RV, and fit even the slimmest overhead downlight fixtures. 

They can operate on 12V AC or DC, or 24VDC. 

Thanks to their constant-current circuitry, they are not only multi-voltage capable, but this also allows them maximize the output and color temperature of the 10 high-output LEDs.   You won't be disappointed with the output of these bi-pin G4 LED bulbs.  There are none brighter or longer lasting in this form-factor.

These bulbs can operate fine on reversed polarity, and also have a built-in PTCC thermal-foldback fuse and a Transient Voltage Suppressor to prevent damage from overcurrent, voltage spikes, or over-heating.

They are also dimmable on DC PWM dimmers of the type commonly found on many boats and RVs.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


LEDs: (10) 2835 emitters
Input Voltage: 10 - 30VDC (Integrated Constant Current IC)
Wattage: 2 Watts
Amperage: 0.17A at 12VDC
Beam Angle: 120°
Color Temperature: 2,900°K (Warm White), 6,000°K (Cool White)
Output: 150 Lumens WW, 155 Lumens CW
Base Type: G4 Bi-Pin, 4mm spacing, 0.7mm pins
Dimensions: ø30mm x 8.5mm face x 31mm overall
Dimmable: Yes - with PWM Dimmer
Lifetime 30,000 hours


2 Year Warranty