The perfect Gift for the sailor in your life
$ 69.95 USD

Navisafe Portable 360 LED for Dinghy or Kayak

The 360° 2NM is a unique award winning design that combines waterproof, 360 degree visibility super bright LED light and a double magnetic system, integrated into a compact shape that fits easily in your pocket. The double magnetic system means the light attaches everywhere, on your clothes, on your boat, inside a tent, to your car everywhere you need light, and as a rescue light it will give the exact position with intense emergency blink.

The 360° 2NM is also very easy to use and can be operated by almost anyone of any age at any time, even with cold fingers!  A child, in total darkness, can push the big “ON/OFF” button. All of this is integrated into a design small enough to carry the light in your pocket so you will always have access to light when you need it, making the 360° 2NM a unique lighting product.


US Coast Guard approved 2 NM

Weight: 155g (Unit including batteries)
Size: Height:         35mm
Diameter:     50mm
Water proof: 20 m
Batteries: 3 X AAA
LED: 16 White LED
Switch: Press & hold for 2 sec. to activate light.
Press & hold for 2 sec. to deactivate light.


  1. 16 White LED          360° Constant light
  2. 16 White LED          360° Flashing light
  3. 10 White LED          225° Forward
  4.   6 White LED          135° Stern
  5.   4 White LED          360° Dim function

Burn time: Modes:

  • 13 ~ 15 hrs constant light
  • 80 ~ 85 hrs flashing lights
  • 22 ~ 24 hrs forward lights
    (10 bulbs only)
  • 30 ~ 32 hrs backward lights
    (6 bulbs only)
  • 70 ~ 72 hrs dim function (4 bulbs only)