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Underwater Thread-locker for Flexofold Anode Installation - zinc, aluminum magnesium | underwater-thread-locker-for-flexofold-anode-installation-zinc-aluminum-magnesium | Cruising Solutions | Performance
$ 12.00 USD

Underwater Thread-locker for Flexofold Anode Installation - zinc, aluminum magnesium

Underwater thread lock prevents underwater fasteners from loosening due to shock and vibration!

This Threadmate locking compound is an underwater thread-locker that can be pre-applied to screws and fasteners that will be installed underwater.  Great for use on any boat propeller anode installation in - Salt or fresh water.

Traditional liquid thread-lockers and Loctite compounds are anaerobic, cure hard, and can't be used underwater.  But, going without a thread-locking compound can be an expensive mistake.  

This special underwater thread-locker is a very quick-drying non-anaerobic gel, and can applied to threads beforehand (on dry land), then later installed underwater to secure your prop, zincs, and other underwater nuts and bolts.  Works in saltwater and freshwater.

This locking fluid is made with a blend of resins, and remains semi-solid and flexible, even underwater, so it not only prevents loosening but also dampens vibrations between the fastener threads.

  • Can also be used in place of traditional thread-lockers above the water!
  • Also works on plastic nuts and bolts and Nylon fittings and fasteners
  • Great for securing loose or worn eyeglass screws!
  • Secures threads up to 1-1/2 " in diameter
  • Good for thread-locking scores of fasteners - a little goes a long way!
  • 0.16 oz. multi-us squeeze tube 

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