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WLN10 Smart NMEA to WiFi Converter (4800/38400)

Digital Yacht’s WLN10 Smart NMEA 0183 to WiFi gateway connects onboard GPS, AIS, and instruments to tablets and iPads. It creates a secure, password-protected WiFi network for real-time data transfer. Compatible with various apps, it allows the tablet to function as a navigation display.

When connected to an AIS system, real-time AIS target data is displayed in apps like NavLink, iAIS, iSailor, and others. You can program the WLN10 via a simple browser interface to set baud rate, SSID, and password. It supports both UDP (for multiple connections) and TCP/IP for maximum app compatibility.

The WLN10 Smart has one NMEA0183 input, configurable through the web interface. You can also use our SeaTalk to NMEA adapter for direct interface with SeaTalk instruments. The WLN10 Smart also works with the Navionics Boating App for Apple iOS and Android to display GPS and AIS data on your Navionics charts.

  • NMEA 0183 to WiFi server (4800/38400 baud)
  • Web interface for setup and programming
  • Supports UDP and TCP/IP interfaces
  • Bidirectional WiFi interface
  • Compatible with popular navigation apps and software
  • IPX4 black box solution for easy installation


Do I need an internet connection to use the WLN10 Smart?
No, the WLN10 creates a WiFi network on board without internet.

How many devices can connect?
Up to 7 devices can connect using UDP, and TCP/IP allows one-to-one connections.

Where can I find compatible apps?
Visit for reviews on iOS and Android apps.

What's the difference between WLN10 Smart and the old WLN10?
WLN10 Smart has a new chipset, improved performance, and a web interface for easy setup.

Are there other models in the series?
WLN30 (with 3 inputs) and a NMEA 2000 adaptor will be released soon.

Can I connect WLN10 Smart to an existing WiFi network?
Yes, the WLN10 Smart can be linked to existing networks, ideal for setups with other WiFi devices.