The perfect Gift for the sailor in your life


Cruising Solutions' lighting products are manufactured especially for boats, which means that they have constant-current electronic drivers built-in, and they maintain a constant lighting output no matter what the voltage that your batteries or charging sources are putting out (between 10-30VDC).  These are very different than resistive type LEDs, which are downright dangerous for use on a boat.

They are designed by the USA's top marine LED producer to filter and attenuate any potential EMI that could interfere with your VHF radio, GPS, and other sensitive electronics.  All of our LED products are CE and ROHS certified, and are lead-free.

Additionally, our indoor cabin lighting fixtures and bulbs use the best LED phosphors available to provide maximum output with unmatched color-rendering and warmth.  They are quite indistinguishable from incandescent lights, yet use >80% less energy.

Our LED products are guaranteed to work in your application.  As always, let us know if you have any questions.